Defenders of Marriage

Today I turn 27, and I has an interwebs present for you.

Further to my previous post and on a lighter note, please enjoy the musical comedy stylings of the genius Roy Zimmerman – as ever, shining a most hilarious spotlight on ignorance and prejudice.

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2 responses to “Defenders of Marriage

  1. this is unrelated to this post at all- but one u wrote 4 years ago about the landmark forum. kudos to you for writing such a balanced realistic account of the forum, which almost mirrors what I went through in the past 3 days. one thing left me thinking was how and why such diverge and extreme opinion about landmark exist. As a practising clinical psychologist in the uk myself, All I can say at the moment is, I had a great time in the forum and all of the fundamental principles it teaches are all sound constructive and appropriate. The way it was delivered? perhaps not so much. personally I loved it – the direct, no BS approach of it all, but people in a more vulnerable mind state or who had experience traumatic issues that are on going or in the past but remains emotionally overwhelming who probably receive more harm than good from the course, in that they may be left feeling so unheld and uncontained that the only way to process these feelings would be to either become depressed or externalise them towards the forum itself. This of course is only a possibility and it varies with people but certainly psychologically plausible. I think the forum management needs to take a long hard look at this. Because although I have found most of the attack against the Forum to be unfounded, it could also only be triggered by one place, the forum itself.

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