Hey it’s me, I’m dynamite and I don’t know why

Among many other things, last year was the year I reconnected with Van Morrison’s Astral Weeks. If that was the only thing I’d done in 2012, it still would have been a worthwhile twelve months.

I made a playlist at the beginning of the year that consisted of about eight songs, and this one was on it twice. I listened to the playlist (appropriately titled ‘2012’) on average probably every second night as I went to sleep, plus this song at least once every couple of days during daylight hours. It’s definitely the song I heard most last year. I’ve always loved it, but for some reason this past year it really slugged me in the chest. Best Van Morrison song ever from the best Van Morrison album ever (followed closely by His Band & the Street Choir), and probably the most hope-filled love song ever written.

I defy you not to be in love by the time the vocals kick in.

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3 responses to “Hey it’s me, I’m dynamite and I don’t know why

  1. Do love Van Morrison and this track is a ripper!
    “Bright Side of the Road” and “And It stoned me” – are two of my all time favorites. Love him!
    It would be great if you continued with this blog but I respect we grow and alter our priorities.
    All the best in any event :)

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