Puck you, miss

I feel bad about that marathon previous post, so here’s something bite-sized.

In a strange turn of events, the piece of really, really good news I got turned into really, really sad news. And the really, really bad piece of news turned on its head and is dandy once again. I think.

Has anyone been watching Summer Heights High? Chris Lilley is a genius.

4 responses to “Puck you, miss

  1. I’ve watched a few of these and it deserves more recognition, espcially with the amount of ‘reality’ shows we have to put up with.

    Mr G is fantastic!

  2. You’ve no motherpucking idea how much I’ve gone on about SHH. Firstly, after a weekend spent in Sweden, I was surprised how much the Antipodean sitcom quoting hit the roof, viz: ‘Puck you, Miss’, ‘ ‘I didn’t fucking touch his fucking dick, you fuck’, and, of course, ‘She’s a dirty girl with a… bad habit’ etc, but that’s mainly because we all do drugs and we found it spoke to us in an underground/ overground/ wombling free way.

    Furthermore, I’ve just come back from a bar in Covent Garden and chatted to two random Canberrans where we all quoted each other senseless until we got bored.

    Pathetic, really.

  3. Cynical: Agreed. Plus I think Mr G kicks David Brent’s arse for pure cringe factor.

    Fweng: I approve of this behaviour.

    nuttycow: I disapprove of this confusion. Tuesdays! 10:30pm! BBC3! Get involved sister.

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