Announcement (dun dun dunnnnn)

I’m starting off Blog Every Day April with the official announcement of some rather sad news (well, it’s sad for me).

Sigh. I’m leaving London.

I mean, I don’t want to be all dramatic about it, because it’s not like it’s some crazy sudden shock. I’ve known it’s been coming for a very long time. Actually, I was only meant to be in the UK for six months… then it became nine months… then I stretched it to a year… and then I really HAD to stay until the end of the summer… and then my second London Christmas was only JUST around the  corner… and well, you see how two years happened. I just found that I couldn’t leave. Not yet.

But actually, I can’t put it off any longer, because I have commitments back in Australia – well, one commitment specifically. (Gosh, that reads like I left a downtrodden husband and three dull-eyed but obnoxious children at home. I didn’t, obviously. I’m going back to work on a TOP SECRET PROJECT… one that’s not really that top secret. I do have some pretty fun plans though, and will reveal all in the months to come, if anyone is still around to care.)

I’m not leaving immediately – it will be around the second week of June. Yes, that means I haven’t booked my flight yet. I haven’t even handed my notice in at work. Don’t be fooled by the disorganisation though – that’s just how I roll. I’ve already told my boss that I’m outta here, and he’s looking for my replacement (which I think is a bit rude, since he doesn’t even have the decency to look lost and forlorn while he’s doing it). And plus if I don’t actually come home for reals this time I will probably be kicked out of my family.

The general plan is to move back to London town in a couple of years, once I’ve done stuff and been cool and hung out with my peeps whatnot, and maybe even gotten a tan (probably not though, I don’t want skin cancer).

WARNING: I’m most likely going to be a bit of an Eeyore about this whole leaving London thing in the weeks to come (oh boohoo, this might be my last walk in Hyde Park, this might be my last visit to Borough Market, this might be the last time a North London youth spits in my general direction, this might be the last time I see a gypsy woman change carriages on a moving underground train while carrying her infant child… BOO. RADLEY. HOO) but truth be told there are things about moving home that really excite me (besides the obvious family, friends, whatever), and the main one of those things is that after a two-year hiatus I will be going back underground (literally) to make music again, and I actually CANNOT wait for that. (Oops… that’s the TOP SECRET PROJECT. Big reveal fail.)

So anyway, this post was pretty much meant to be a heads up that many of my Blog Every Day April posts are going to be (like most of my posts usually are anyway) extremely London-centric. In a me-centric sort of way, but that’s to be expected I suppose.

(OH! Side note… on my work blog I got my first nasty comment recently, although the commenter probably didn’t foresee the joy it would bring me. He called me a ‘London-centric, air-kissing fool’. ME! London-centric! Air-kissing! And he got that just from reading this post. I’ve never been so happy in my LIFE!)

Ciao, mwah-mwah xx

P.S. I’m aware, by the way, that it’s 01 April today, and just to be clear – I really wish this was some kind of lame, nobody-cares-you-idiot April Fool’s Day joke, but it’s not.

P.P.S. Just because you haven’t heard me bang on about how awesome Australia is (yet), doesn’t mean I’m ONLY about the London love. I am still patriotic to a fairly absurd degree. For the record.

6 responses to “Announcement (dun dun dunnnnn)

  1. Well, I for one, am gutted that we are losing your for a bit. I hope the TOP SECRET PROJECT goes well and look forward to the fruit it bears. Keep blogging and Twittering and those 2 years will fly by and we can have you back where it seems you truly belong ;o) xxx

  2. I can’t comment on leaving London, because I’ve no interest in being there in the first place (apart from occasional visits to galleries and stuff). Dirty, overcrowded, smelly city – ugh! And I won’t miss you, because I assume you’ll still be online, wherever you are. Enjoy whatever time you have left in London – you’ll probably enjoy it more than all those people who have top stay there, whether they like it or not. Look forward to hearing about the next chapter in your life.

  3. I meant “to stay there”, of course.

  4. I would love to hear your music some time. Really excited for you, sounds like there are some very cool things on the Digressica Horizon.

  5. Huh, I always wondered how you spelt Eeyore.

  6. Aw, thanks lovelies. Really, I was just fishin’. And you didn’t fail to deliver, bless your pretty heads.

    Oh, and… hello Hartigan. Go update your blog, slacker.

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